Specialty Drinks

Latte                      Steamed milk with espresso.  Customers may want flavor added.

Mocha                   Steamed milk with espresso and chocolate sauce.

Americano           Espresso and hot water.

Big Train (R)         A blended drink made with ice, flavor, and milk or coffee.

Italian Soda         Club soda, flavor, Half n Half, and ice.

Chai Tea                An exceptional blend of tea, spices, and milk.

Cappucino           Steamed milk with extra foam, and espresso.

Steamer                Steamed milk and flavor.  No espresso.

We offer most drinks in 12, 16, 20, 24, or 32 ounce sizes.

A latte, mocha, Americano, and Chai Tea can be made as iced or hot drinks.

We  have been offering high quality espresso and specialty drinks since 2003.  We use locally sourced coffee for our espresso drinks, and our customers have been very pleased with the flavor.  We are confident that you will enjoy the beverage that we make for you.

Doolie's Kitchen

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